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My 2nd Birthday in Uk. 28

Today is my Birthday! Yes, again, another year, my second birthday living here!

The time has passed veeery quickly, I am a bit scared…

I still remember my last birthday with my other family, my lovely Bella (I miss her so much) bringing me the cake with the candle:

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday with my friends. They came to my house to eat and drink something and after that, we went to dance! It was a very nice evening.

I have to say thank you to all of them, friends and housemates, because they are my family here. I was very happy yesterday.

And thank you to all of you for the congratulations I am receiving today. I am very happy, even being far from my family.

I am having a very busy weeks. I started my English lessons with a private english teacher and I´m very excited about this.

Since I’m here, whenever I wanted to get something, I have done it and the result has always been much better than I expected. This has also happened with my English teacher. In the first meeting with her, I discovered that she is actress too! I couldn´t be happier!

At last, I have my complete routine.

These are some photos of my Birthday Party. I have two cakes!

My beautiful cake. A present from my current family in London.

My beautiful cake. A present from my current family in London.

IMG_6353 CIMG1132 CIMG1143 CIMG1150

Thank you.

See you soon.

Un comentario el “My 2nd Birthday in Uk. 28

  1. Leydis
    16 de febrero de 2014

    We really enjoyed the night Laura!! Thank you for inviting us to your party. Y que cumplas muchos mas!!!

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