Una inmigrante más en Londres

My first post in English!!

Hello everyone, old and new readers!

At last, I have decided to do it! First of all, sorry for the mistakes. I´m not very confident writing in English. I have been thinking about doing this during all of this time but I have been (and I am) really scared!

My name is Laura. I´m a Spanish girl who has been living in the UK since August, 2012. Last year, I was working as an Au pair in Swanley, Kent, taking care of a little girl called Bella (she is the apple of my eye).

The reason I´m here is because I need to improve my English…typical…

This year, I started a new adventure. I am living in London working as a nanny.

My true love is the theatre. I am actress who has worked as a professional drama teacher in Spain. To me, London is theatre!

This is my blog, my “second house” in England.This is the place that I come to when I need to say something or to feel closer to my family and friends.

Cabanillasporelmundo means Cabanillasaroundtheworld. Cabanillas is me! It´s my surname.

I have an email for questions, suggestions, comments, information…please, feel free to contact me.

If I write something incorrect, please, correct me!

It is my home and you are welcome to visit anytime you wish.

This is just the beginning!!

See you soon!



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